Mrs. Carole Romanowitz

*~ Second Grade ELA and Math;  ART ~ All Grades; Intervention ~*



Happy New Year! Hope you and your families had a wonderful Christmas and Winter Break together! 

Friday, January 13: End of 2nd Quarter/1st Semester

  • ELA/Centers:  New ELA adopted ELA program: Journeys-Houghton Mifflin, CCSS aligned. ELA includes Reader’s-Writer’s Workshop; Independent and guided reading, decoding and comprehension strategies; computer programs-Headsprout, IXL Language Arts; Spelling-sight/high frequency words and word patterns; writing journals, DLR: Daily Language Review and Mentor sentence of the week; Language rules/ conventions/grammar, story sequencing, mapping, making predictions, text connections to real life, drawing conclusions, etc.  Writing includes: Narrative-Retell-sequential events; Opinion/Argument: uses supporting facts and details to convey message; and Formative/Exclamatory.
  • Spelling: High Frequency & Word Patterns: Spelling Lists are sent home in students’ Homework packets on Mondays. The spelling words consist of high frequency, sight, and word patterns for students to use in their daily reading and writing. Spelling Tests are given on Fridays.
  • Math Facts and Review:  Mad Minute Math for addition and subtraction fact practice;  *Please drill your child on (+) and (-) Math Fact memorization to 20 using the Flashcards I sent home with him/her.
  • Math Lessons/Vocabulary:  McGraw-Hill, Connect Ed. Program: CH 6: Adding 3-Digit Numbers; Vocab: Place Value, Regroup, Guess-Check-Revise, Problem solving; Daily Math Review Warm-up; Student made Math Journals for Chapter Concepts.
  • Homework: Homework Packets are sent home each Monday in Blue Homework Folders.  Homework includes “Books in a Baggie” for Reading and a Reading/Writing Response Log, Math, and Spelling. Please have your child read to you daily, and sign their daily response sheet after they write. *Please also make sure to have your child return his/her Homework Folder, Homework, and “Books in a Baggie” every Friday in order to receive new books the following week.
  • Pee Chee Folder:  Pee Chee folders are sent home every Thursday. They include graded work and weekly conduct grades. Please keep your child’s work, sign conduct report, and have your child return Pee Chee Folder and Homework Folder every Friday.

*Note: is a Link for students to practice Spelling Words using various activities. (You may choose the “Free Option!”)

*Enjoy daily reading with your child and pass on a life-long gift!*


*~ART ~ All Grades (Mondays and Wednesdays) ~*

Art-Colored Pencils

*Coming Soon!!!  “Sensational” student artwork around our school!*   

  • Grades 6-7:    Projects – Previous – Watercolor-Wet-on-wet;  New: 6th-Winding 1-Point Perspective; 7th: 1-Point Perspective                             Hallway
  • Grade 8:          Projects – Previous:Facial feature practice for Portrait Scale;  New: Mask Making
  • Grades 4-5:    Projects – Previous: Stippling/Pointillism;  New: Cartoon Scale Drawing
  • Grades 2-3:    Projects – Previous: Toucan Directed Draw-Watercolor Pencils; New: Writing for Watercolor Project:                                Oil Pastel Snowman
  • Grades K-1:    Projects: Previous – Owl textural design with paper cut-outs;  New: 

                      Thank you ~ Mrs. Romanowitz