Alpine County Unified School District
and Office of Education



1st day
Diamond Valley - A Gold Ribbon School
Expanding Early Learning to Infants


Important Dates

August 22 – School Begins

September 13 – Board Meeting 5:30

School Calendars



Developer Fee Justification Study

Level I Developer Fee Study for Alpine County Unified School District dated May 2, 2016

Declaration of documents available for public inspection on May 27, 2016

Notice of Public Hearing and of proposal for implementing school facilities fees and as authorized by Education Code section 17620 and Government Code 65995

School District & County Office of Education

Bulletin Board Summer 2015

Bulletin Board Winter 2016

Bulletin Board Spring 2016

District & County Vision Statement

All students are engaged and successful.

School District Mission Statement

We provide a safe, active and supportive learning environment.

County Office of Education Mission Statement

As advocates for children, the Alpine County Office of Education (ACOE) provides leadership, education and support for students, the school district, and the community through programs, services, and fiscal accountability.