Alpine County Unified School District
and Office of Education


STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics
February Intersession Academy
Parent Partnership Night - March 1st


Important Dates

February 6 – LCAP Focus Group Meeting 5:30 Woodfords Indian Education Center

February 8 – HAWK Breakfast 7:45

February 12-16 – Ski Week @ Kirkwood

February 13 – Board Meeting 5:30

February 14 – Valentines Day

February 15- Parent Partnership Night 5:30

February 19-23 – Presidents’ Week, NO SCHOOL

February  20-22 – February Intersession

February 26 – Alpine Parents’ Group 5:15


School District & County Office of Education

Facilities Master Plan

Approved February 13, 2018, the ACUSD Facilities Master Plan establishes a framework for the school district to assess and define its facilities needs and prioritize the facility improvements to be completed. The plan allows for longer term planning with a multi-year projection into the future and future facilities can provide the best educational experience for students, staff and the community of the school district.  The Facilities Master Plan is a comprehensive planning document designed to address the needs of an academically rigorous program, technology, legal compliance, and deferred maintenance. The plan needs to be reviewed, re‐evaluated, and updated periodically.

Local Control Accountability Plan

Parent Advisory Committee

Click here to learn how you, as a parent/guardian of an Alpine County student, can shape the decisions that affect school programs and spending.

Join the PAC, join the conversation.

Bear Valley

Bear Valley School Reopening Factors




Bulletin Board Winter 2016

Bulletin Board Spring 2016

Bulletin Board Summer 2016

Bulletin Board Fall 2016

District & County Vision Statement

All students are engaged and successful.