Expanded Learning Program

Our Expanded Learning Program (ELP), operates every school day during the school year at Diamond Valley Elementary School and is open for all students. It runs from the moment school lets out until 6:00 PM each day. The program has four components, 1) Academic, 2) Structured Recreation, 3) Nutrition, and 4) Academic Enrichment. Students in our competitive sports program, although they will be with their coach during training, must also be enrolled in the Expanded Learning Program. After their training, our athletes will join the other after school students. We also are very fortunate to be able to provide transportation for our students. The after school bus leaves Diamond Valley at 5:00 PM and stops at all regular bus stops. Students who stay until 6:00 PM may take the 6:00 PM bus or need to be picked up by their parents/guardians. We have restructured our program to include a teacher/coordinator who will oversee all operations and instruction for our students after school! Ms. Aubrey Trevett is the Expanded Learning Program Coordinator/Teacher and there is additional instructional support staff to assist.!

The Academic Component consists of a number of the following: Computer Assisted Instruction, homework time and assistance, as needed, and general tutoring. The structured recreation component consists of recreation that includes outdoor and indoor games and exercises. The nutrition component consists of a nutritious snack. Finally, the Academic Enrichment component consists of activities such as chess and other board games, crafts, music, project based learning, cooking, game group and other enriching activities.

The Expanded Learning Program is funded through the California Department of Education’s (CDE’s) After School Education and Safety (ASES) grant. We are fortunate this year to have received another after school grant from the CDE for after school program transportation. Ms. Erin Dobyns, our grant administrator, was instrumental in acquiring this grant for us.

Contact Information

Email: Aubrey Trevett – atrevett@alpinecoe.k12.ca.us

Phone: (530) 694-2238