Mr. Philip Marks

Bud, not Buddy4th Grade

4th grade has a great teacher. He’s dependable and trustworthy. We have started literature circles in the morning. One group is reading a great book called Bud, not Buddy.  The other group is reading Sadako and the Thousand Cranes.  We have jobs  like  Connector, Illustrator, Summarizer, Literary Luminary, Travel Tracer, Vocab Master, and Discussion  Director.

In math we are learning subtracting and adding big numbers like thousands and millions. Yesterday in Science, we did an experiment on shadows, and the day before we did an experiment on sound waves.  In computers, we are spending time learning how to type and spending time on SumDog. Once you answer enough questions in Sumdog  you get a pet. This is why we have a great class and teacher.  We have the best class because we have a teacher that is nice and caring. He’s the best teacher we can ask for.

Written by 4th grade students