Counselor’s Corner

Hello Diamond Valley Families!

This month we have an exciting new opportunity for our students. We will offer a Girls’ Empowerment counseling group available to all girls grades 6-8. This will be an opportunity for our young women to learn important life skills that will enhance her ability to succeed academically and socially as well as cope with stressful situations. We aim to equip our female students with leadership skills, confidence, awareness and drive to ensure they aspire to their full potential. This group will meet once per week during lunch, for about 35 minutes and will be free for all participating students.  The group will work on achieving these goals:

1) Recognize the issues most prevalent for girls
2) Promote self-esteem
3) Create a positive self-image
4) Handle peer pressure
5) Manage stress
6) Health and fitness
7) Plan for the future
8) Become a positive role model
9) Leadership skills


This month’s HAWK character trait is: RESPONSIBILITY. Students will be learning about what it is to be a responsible student, and how to be a responsible citizen outside of school. We encourage you talk with your children about responsibility and how they can practice this at home. Make sure to praise and reinforce your child for exhibiting responsible behavior, it will increase the likelihood that it continues!

Have a wonderful month, enjoy the beautiful Autumn weather!

Kelsey Potorski joined the school district during the 2017-2018 school year as the Academic, Career, Personal and Social Development Counselor. She has over six years professional experience working with under served youth in a variety of settings; in schools, in residential facilities, in the community, and within children’s homes. Ms. Potorski has a passion for assisting students in achieving their greatest potential, and finds her work very rewarding. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, emphasis in Neuroscience, from Pennsylvania State University and a Masters of Science in Education in School Counseling from the University of the Southwest. Ms. Potorski’s responsibilities as a school counselor include providing individual planning for students, facilitating group counseling with children K-12, developing and implementing a school-wide social/emotional curriculum, providing responsive services for students in crisis, and collaborating with stakeholders (teachers, administrators, parents) in order to promote student development and academic success.