Forthcoming Upper Grades (6-8th) Electives Changes

Changes to Middle School Electives

Second semester electives for 6-8th graders will be structured differently than the offerings available to students first semester. Students will be given a choice of participating in a quarter of Video Game Design, and either a quarter of art or a quarter of drama. Or, students may choose a quarter of art and a quarter of drama. Ms. Colleti and Ms. Harrington will be explaining this to their students upon return to school in January and parent permission forms for those wishing to participate in Video Game Design will be given to students. Start of the new choices will begin on January 17th, after the current “Tackling Plastic” National Geographic STEAM Challenge that many 5th-8th graders are involved in, concludes on January 15th.

Beginning January 15th, band with Frank Benvenuto will be moving from Tuesdays/Thursdays during the school VAPA/STEAM period to Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdays. after school in the Annex Room, 2:40-4:30pm. The details of this change will be worked out the first week back after the holidays and a full description will be sent to each family on/by January 11th. We understand sports practices/games are also after school, and we’ll try to create a schedule with the least interference for those band members who also play sports. Stay tuned!