Marin Headlands Field Trip

May 23-25

Marin Headlands FieldtripAt the end of May, our 6th-8th grade students are heading to the Marin Headlands for a 3-day science-based field trip.

Trip Highlights

  • Tour of the UC Davis campus, highlighting academic strengths, student services, and student research/internship opportunities
  • Scavenger Hunt at California Academy of Sciences, focusing on marine invertebrate adaptations and watch the Planetarium show Habitat Earth. Students will discover what it means to live in today’s connected world.
  • Guided Coastal Marine Ecology Program tour led by Outdoor Hostel Adventures. Students will gain an understanding of the basic principles of ecology and human impact on the environment as well as develop skills in global citizenship, critical thinking, and team building.
  • Two guided night hikes focusing on stars and planets using locator maps and sensory awareness.
  • Marin Farmers Market visit where students will learn about sustainable agriculture and organic foods, taste and see unusual fruits and vegetables, and learn about making healthy choices in a fun, interactive way.