Alpine County Office of Education
Alpine County Unified School District
Plan for Providing Educational Services to Expelled Students
June 2009

EC Section 48926 provides specifically that:
The plan shall enumerate existing educational alternatives for expelled pupils, identify gaps in educational services to expelled pupils, and strategies for filling those service gaps. The plan shall also identify alternative placements for pupils who are expelled and placed in district community day school programs, but who fail to meet the terms and conditions of their rehabilitation plan or who pose a danger to other district pupils, as determined by the governing board.

Educational programs within Alpine County provide opportunities for students who need traditional or alternative educational settings. Early intervention strategies on comprehensive schools sites, alternative programs on and off comprehensive school sites, and referral to the Alpine County Office of Education Opportunity School respond to student diversity and community needs providing opportunity for academic success for students in grades kindergarten through twelve.

The Alpine County Unified School District and Office of Education provide intervention strategies which include, but are not limited to, counseling, student study teams, academic and emotional assessments, parent training, in-school suspensions, off-campus suspensions, special education services, after school tutoring and enrichment activities and individual student contracts. In addition, the District and County Office of Education work in concert with law enforcement, local county probation, county and Tribal health services, Tribal courts and Tribal probation to provide student services as needed.
Alpine County Office of Education and the Alpine County Unified School District share a common administration. Because of this, articulation and coordination between the two entities is a given. The District shall provide educational options for all County expelled students. Students, whose behavior constitutes grounds for expulsion from school, are placed in either the District Elementary Community Day School or the District Secondary Community Day School. A rehabilitation plan will be designed for any expelled student, explaining the conditions the student must meet in order to return to the District. The recommended placement will be monitored and appropriate documentation maintained.
The Alpine County Unified School District Community Day School programs offer the following options for expelled youth:

1. Daily educational programs that meet for 360 minutes per day in either the elementary or secondary Community School classrooms.
2. Computer assisted or on-line academic courses
3. Community Service Learning
4. High school diploma, GED, or CHSPE study options
5. Counseling
6. Pregnant and parenting teen services

There are three potential gaps in providing a comprehensive service model for expelled students in Alpine County. These remain the same as those identified in 2006. Strategies addressing these gaps are listed below each identified gap.

1. Student enrollment in Alpine County is approximately 150 students. This small district size and rural characteristics of the county make it difficult to offer the range of alternatives often found in larger urban districts.

Strategy: We maintain District Community Day Schools on the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains where the largest student population resides but the smaller community on the western slope does not have a large enough student population to warrant a Community Day School. We would contract with neighboring Calaveras County should we need services for expelled students on the western slope.

2. A student expelled under Education Code 48915 could potentially re-offend during their placement in a community day school.

Strategy: We remain committed to providing educational services to students, regardless of repeated offenses. We do not have any expelled students to date, but for a re-offense we would develop a new rehabilitation plan or, if necessary, we would contract with a residential placement. Additionally, Community Day School teachers are highly trained in behavior management techniques.

3. It is the County and District’s stance that K-6 and 7-12th grade students have significantly different social, emotional and academic needs, which greatly affect how curriculum is delivered.

Strategy: Because our alternative educational options are limited, maintaining separate Elementary and Secondary Community Day Schools is essential.