Choose Civility

Rules for Civil Behavior

Civility is a core value of a well functioning community and one of its defining components.  This initiative is inspired by the work of Dr. P.M. Forni, Choosing Civility: The Twenty-Five Rules of Considerate Conduct.  Using this work as our model, Alpine County Unified School District is focusing on one rule per month, we are striving to choose civility in all our interactions.

Pay Attention – August 2011
Listen – September 2011
Think the Best – October 2011
Apologize Earnestly – November 2011
Accept and Give Praise – December 2011
Respect Others’ Opinion – January 2012
Acknowledge Others – March 2012
Assert Yourself – April (Child Abuse Prevention Month) 2012
Speak Kindly – May 2012
Don’t Speak Ill – June 2012
Be Inclusive – September 2012
Respect Other Peoples Space – October 2012
Be Agreeable – March 2013